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The Think Fertility Team and Project arose out of concerns that even educated young women have a surprising lack of awareness about their own reproductive biology. This became evident at a meeting of Business and Professional Women (BPW) in Adelaide about women and infertility in 2004.

BPW South Australia’s research revealed that many women and men have insufficient knowledge and access to information about their own fertility.

Research studies and media reports indicated that:

  • men and women are having less children than they say they want
  • women have too often delayed child-bearing in the belief that their fertility extends for longer than it does
  • men think infertility is a women’s issue and is not relevant to them
  • the impact of societal and economic factors on decisions about family formation is significant.

A leading South Australian reproductive medicine specialist advised that many couples who are making fertility plans have indicated that they would have made different decisions with the wisdom of hindsight and correct information.

The Think Fertility Project team were concerned that information about fertility was not presented in a manner that was relevant or attractive to healthy individuals who could be at risk of infertility. Websites on infertility are generally IVF clinic sites, which take a medical and curative perspective rather than preventative approach.

The Think Fertility Team determined that:

  • women and men need to be provided with facts to enable informed choices
  • they need accurate information tailored to their needs and presented from a non-medical perspective
  • information needs to address a range of audiences of various ages and backgrounds
  • it needs to be available where healthy women and men gather, but
  • it is not about pushing women to have babies because not having children is also a valid choice.

The Think Fertility project has sought to provide information about preserving and protecting fertility so that decisions about family planning can be informed.

The BPW Think Fertility Project Team members are:

  • Team Leader, Dr Jean Murray - a Principal Consultant to governments in ethico-legal policy
  • Dr Christine Kirby - a reproductive medicine specialist and the Clinical Director at Repromed
  • Gillian Lewis - a Senior Policy Advisor with experience in developing assisted reproductive medicine policy
  • Sheila Evans - JP OAM a retired Counsellor and Health Educator
  • Leigh McClusky - a Public Relations, Communication and Marketing Consultant